Come visit us at Pines RV Park.  We have a gorgeous setting near Harvard,

 Idaho.  We are just 10 miles east of Highway 95.  When you arrive, Owners

 Robin and Dennis Miedema, will greet you with all the warmth and

 graciousness you normally only associate with family.  Why such

 hospitality?  Well, we have been fortunate to have spent our lives as part of

 large families that work, play and camp together.  Now after years of hard

 work and preparation we are living our dream of operating a campground in

 Idaho where we can help others to enjoy the sense of family unity that we

 grew up with.

 For many years, Robin and Dennis have been looking forward to living their

 dream in north Idaho.  They eagerly awaited the day when they would be

 right in the middle of world class hunting and fishing.  And, of course, who

 could not want to live in the midst of such spectacular natural beauty.  But  

 the biggest reason they have worked so hard to be able to live in north Idaho

 is the people.  This is an area where Christian values are still the mainstream,

 with strong families the norm.

 In the Fall of 2015 Robin and Dennis, together with their partners Clay and

 Reina Baremore (Robin’s brother and sister-in-law), were able to purchase

 Pines RV Park.  Together they are establishing a family- oriented

 campground with strong Christian values.

 Robin and Dennis run the day-to-day operation of the park and make sure

 your visit is a memorable one.  Co-owners Clay and Reina help manage the

 park from afar. Clay and Reina’s son and daughter-in-law, Jesse and Amanda

 (with baby daughter Ruth) are also on site helping out.  Jesse oversees the

 plumbing and electrical systems in the park as well as equipment

 maintenance.  Amanda fills in wherever extra help is needed.

Robin and Dennis

​​​Pines RV Park

"You may be strangers when you arrive,

but you’ll feel like family when you leave."